Thank you so much for taking the time to explore Freebird Photography! My name is Alaysha, and I am the gal behind the lens, who will 95% be rocking a messy bun at your session!

I am a mom of two beautiful girls with a passion of being creative and crafty, whether it's branding a fellow photographer, creating a new DIY, or planning and organizing my next creative photoshoot!

I dabbled in photography part-time before I had kids, and then decided to take a break while I was pregnant. A few years later, the desire to be a photographer came back, stronger than ever. I bought new equipment, rebranded, started over, and here we are!

You will never guess by our interactions, but I am an introvert! More than likely I will be slightly awkward in a goofy weird way - with hopes in making you feel comfortable and at ease.

Let's be friends, let's have fun, and let's create magic!


Lethbridge Photographer


the mountains


anything boho

taco Tuesday

a DIY and being crafty

a smooth glass of red wine



being cold

rap, hardcore techno and screamo music haha

vacuuming/sweeping 5x a day because .. kids

spiders and wasps

being late

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