Birth Photography

Before booking a birth photographer you might be wondering, what is birth photography? Birth photography is documentary photography of your birth experience. It’s professional and artistic photos during your labour, through delivery and then some postpartum time. Birth photography is inclusive of all types of birth and is meant to help you remember the details of your baby’s birth day.

It’s ok if you are surprised to hear that birth photography is even a thing. While some parents are shocked at the idea of a birth photographer in the delivery room with them, others couldn’t imagine not having these photos. Birth photography is so much more than the graphic and unpleasant imagery people first imagine. Not to say that birth can’t be intense, but there are lots of beautiful moments that you will want to remember. Parents book a birth photographer to document many things. For example, your partner’s support and reactions, your own strength, details about your baby, your baby’s first moments of life and more.

As of January, 2023, this is a new service that I am offering! I am currently booking and giving a 50% discount to those who book with me over the next few months so that I can gain experience and build up my portfolio. Please reach out for more details!

Birth Photography Lethbridge