Newborn Lifestyle

In-home Newborn Lifestyle Sessions are my absolute favourite style of session, and I am so happy to be one of the few Newborn Lifestyle Photographers in Lethbridge and surrounding area!

The idea of Newborn Lifestyle photography is to portray a "slice of life." In-home Newborn Lifestyle sessions are unique to each family. They tell your story, from the comfort of your home. No rush getting everyone out the door, making sure the diaper bag is packed and baby is strapped in the carseat! You can settle in and get comfortable in your own element.

Newborn Lifestyle sessions are personal and they are full of emotion and personality. It takes place in your home, in your space – the place you spend the most time as a family and the place where you feel the most comfortable and relaxed, and they aim to capture the joy and love you feel as you welcome your little bundle of joy. Sessions generally occur in the living room, mom and dad’s bedroom, and the baby’s nursery. Newborn Lifestyle sessions are fairly unposed. I often direct my clients on where to sit or stand, but mostly use something called “prompts” to bring out emotions and personality.

I have created a Newborn Lifestyle Session Guide that I would love to send to you if you are interested in this style of session, and would like some more information!